Sports events – What are the different types of sports events?

Thousands of sports events take place every year from grass root level tournaments to mega sports events like the world cup Football and cricket and the mother of all events the summer and winter Olympics.

Collegiate and professional sports competitions are also categorized as sports events considering entertainment opportunities for the fans. The concept of collegiate sports events area hit in USA as there are various NCAA events in maximum sports events, there are many opportunities in the concerned events as they are professionally organized and telecasted creating the entertainment values.user1837_1158991360

Events can be further classified as spectator driven and participant driven. Most of the big events like the Football world cup are spectator driven, while events at the grass root level are participant driven. Upon further evaluation, it is common to find a large number of events within one event like the Olympics. A cricket match or a football game offers spectators and tailgate parties a pre game, halftime and post game shows, five star hospitality and comforts of the executive boxes plus a whole lot of other marketing benefits each of these opportunities are like a link to the successful income generations in the sports industry and add value to the spectators and sponsors.

Another type of sports event is called ‘ the made for television events ‘ which unfortunately haven’t been conceptualized in the Indian sports market are a rage in the western nations and picking up a steady market in south east Asian nations of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. With the increase in television rights fees has caused the need to develop more sports programmes for cable television – this genre of sports events are raising to popularity. These events include the X games and the corporate cricket competition in India. These create a niche amongst the events and sponsors, although these events attract fewer at the venue spectators, most of the logistical elements remain the same.

Whether you are a sports fan or not, and whether you agree with the incredible cost in entertainment it must be recognized that cultures area driving force both demanding and funding the economic boom in the business of sports. Recent trends have shown a higher shift of entertain ment curves (evidently by stadium changes – stands changing to all seated stadiums in U k football clubs, greater television viewer ship, great demand for tickets) and consequently the supply also shifts up driving high prices, and the curve set to grow even higher the emergence of the sports business world wide is very obvious.


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